Fashionable colors in newborn photography

Larysa Shymko
Subdued pastel shades are a trend followed by today’s newborn photography. Can it be the color shade of the contemporary society’s mood? After all, sometimes a bright color adventure is ready to shake our mind and awaken new creative ideas in us.

Why does newborn photography use pastel colors?

Light shades are always topical. They never go out of fashion and are liked by everyone. Such photos will delight the eye and adorn your home for many decades.
Frequent use of pastel colors in children’s clothes and nursery interiors is due to the fact that color perception of children and adults is different. Children see all colors brighter, therefore light shades create an atmosphere of comfort and peace for their eyes.
Warm pastel colors perfectly harmonize with the baby’s skin. The little one will look especially cute with a peach colored or light sand colored blanket in the background because the fabric casts a tinge on its skin.
Powdered and dusty colors create an atmosphere of loftiness and nobleness filling the frame space with light and air. Photos with accessories of milky white, delicate light violet or beige color always show the little one to advantage.
This is a tradition. The best newborn photographers use a light-colored palette for their pictures. Most inspiring photos have been taken in light pastel colors.
Pastel colors are soothing, therefore they make an excellent combination with the image of a sleeping baby. The photo looks harmonious: the pacifying atmosphere of the environment matches the baby’s condition.
Soft pastel colors symbolize femininity and tenderness. These are the colors a woman would prefer during the first weeks of motherhood.
All pastel colors go excellently well together. You can combine warm and cold tones in the same photo, and they will look harmonious.
What pastel colors to use?

Milky white, sand, light beige.
Delicate peach, dusty rose.
Light violet, Tiffany blue, mint.
Light gray, delicate pale blue.
Pastel colors are perfect both for girls and for boys. Choose what you like the most and have no doubts, the little one will look charming. Good luck with taking the photos!

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